Citizen's Grievances

The Grievance Cell

The Grievance Cell at Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation is the Citizen's Interface for all Grievances. The new Grievances Management System provides a centralized store house and powerful workflow management features to the Grievance Cell. Thanks to the new System, complaints received from any medium can be managed, monitored and tracked centrally.

The Grievance Cell at PCMC can now accept grievances via

  • Grievances WebSite
  • Phone/Fax
  • Email
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Written Complaints

The Workflow

A Grievance is first received by the Grievance Cell at PCMC from the various channels listed above. The status of a newly received Grievance is "New". The Grievance Cell staff allocate the Grievance to the correct department. The System automatically sends a notification to the appointed person in the Department as well as to the Citizen indicating that their Grievance has been forwarded to the respective department. The person handling the Grievance sets the status to InProcess when he/she starts working on the Grievance. If the Grievance is not Completed within the stipulated time, it automatically Escalates to the Department Head, City Engineer and Commissioner based on a pre-defined Escalation Matrix. At all times, the Citizen is notified of the Progress and can also monitor the same from the Grievances Website.


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